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Do you hold courses of different types? Do you know…

  • how many clients you have had in each type of a course or in each term?
  • who has already paid and how much?
  • how many people have enrolled in your courses repeatedly?
  • to whom you have sent an offer, an invitation or other information?
  • which of the clients are eligible for the discount?

… these are only several of many questions which DAR can answer.

The registers of the clients have this use:

  • the registration of several addresses for a contact (business, private, temporary and other addresses,…)
  • grouping contacts (clients, other schools, teachers, cultural institutions,…)
  • mass e-mail or mass post (including checking the addresses and a file of sent off post), sent addresses might be regrouped (e.g. for Christmas)
  • space for notes about each contact
  • a list of tasks related to individual contacts
  • the contact's relation with a firm and his or her role within the firm

The registers of the courses

  • the overview of all the courses (very easy and systematic grouping)
  • the registration of textbooks used
  • the enrolment of a client in a course, summary of the clients' payments, issuing and printing of tax documents
  • keeping books for payments of the courses
  • the clients'transfer among the courses
  • the results in a final test

DAR offers these outputs:

  • the overview of the filling-up of the courses
  • the history of the courses and the payments of each client
  • the print of timetables, attendance records
  • the print of business letters and address labels
  • the lectors' attendance at the lectures
  • the statistics of \"loyal clients\"
  • the overview of the payments
  • the table of issued certificates
  • the information about birthdays and namedays of the clients
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